My name is Matthieu, I am a cyclist and I live in Maisons-Alfort, a relatively small town near Paris (France).

I decided to ride all the streets of my city, recording my trips on my GPS device to gather them on a map. A few pictures will also appear on this blog. Beyond the bicycle-geek idea, I find it really pleasant to explore unseen places a few blocks away from home. And a bicycle is probably the best way to discover a city.

This strange idea occurred to me while visiting the « Ride SF. All of it. » website, launched by Bret Lobree, a rider who did the same in SF.


Bret’s project was far more ambitious, as he rode 2300 kilometers and climbed 44.0000 meters to achieve it.

However, excuse me but Maisons-Alfort is much more hype than SF.

Eventhough it’s smaller than SF and quite flat.

It all started there, in a city called Maisons-Alfort. (MC Solaar, « Bouge De Là »)